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Name Development Resources
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Definition Resources that can be used to develop a Product.

Scale: Project development Cost in US$.
Past 0
Budget [within 1 year] 100.000.-

see Scale db(external link) for an extensive list of examples.


Development Resources can be anything that we have a limited supply of, and that we can use to develop the Solutions that can achieve a Stakeholder Value and/or Product Quality Requirement. Typical Development Resources are time, qualified people, money, space; and can also include anything else that we have a limited supply of, like water, air, a material (titanium), weapons, tools etc.

Illustration: (7) Development Resources are used to run the development Process. The Development Process develops new improved (5) Solutions with enhanced (4) Product Qualities. When the Stakeholder uses the new Product with the enhanced (4) Product Qualities it improves on their (2) Stakeholder Values.

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