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Name Meter
Concept Number
Definition the Process we use to Measure where we are, along the line defined by the Scale quantifier.

Scale: average time in minutes, to learn how to program contact names and telephone numbers into the memory of the phone.
Meter: time 5 people who have not had a mobile telephone Before, as well as 5 people who has, use the average.

Meter: Use a stopwatch and time it.
Meter: Manually count and record 10 randomly chosen people doing a task.
Meter: Take water samples at 1, 5, 10 and 30 Meter depth and give it to the chemist to analyze.
Meter: Amnesty’s International report.
Meter: Call 100 people and ask them...,
Meter: Make a one page question form and have 50 people answer.


The Meter we chose must fit to the Scale. It must be able to give information about where along the Scale quantifier the Stakeholder Value or Product Quality is, just like a speedometer is able to tell us how fast our car is traveling.
The Scale gives us a variable, the Meter tells us where we are on that variable.

The Scale has no direct Cost, the Meter often has, as it usually is a physical thing that requires some Action or a Process carried out by humans.

To verify that we have a useful Meter, we can apply the Meter, if it tells us where along the Scale quantifier we are, the Meter might be useful.

Meters have variable:
1. accuracy
2. costs
3. time taken Before they give us the results
4. Credibility.

Related Concepts Scale quantifier
Synonyms Test
Language Name Variants
Submitted Kai Thomas Gilb