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Name Goal, Goal level
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Definition a Parameter defining quantified committed or promised targets along the defined Scale quantifier.

Scale: average time in minutes, to learn how to program contact names and telephone numbers into the memory of the phone.
Goal within 1 year 5 min.


By setting a Goal Level, we commit to reaching that Level, including committing Development Resources.
Moving from where we are now, the Past Level, to where we have committed to be in the future, the Goal Level, becomes the project. Not reaching an agreed Goal Level is seen as some degree of failure. Once a Goal Level is reached, there are no further commitment of Resources to continue improvement on that Scale for that Goal Level. The Goal Level becomes a stoplight, it dynamically communicates that in this area we are done. Development Resources can then be allocated towards reaching other Goal levels.

The Goal levels have timeframes for when they shall be delivered. This timeframe together with other conditions that apply I specify in what I call a Qualifier. I use square brackets in front of each Goal Level and specify the qualifying information within the square brackets.

Because Goal levels are committed to or promised, they are set taking into consideration; all other Requirements (Especially Stakeholder Values and Product Qualities), existing technology, our competence, Benchmarks (see Past & Record, the Cost of beating the Record is normally unknown and exponentially expensive), competition and marketplace (see Tend), and Development Resources available including delivery schedules.

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